SFA 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting of St. Francis Advocates is coming up, and will once again be VIRTUAL!

On Wednesday September 8th, 2021 at 5:00 pm, we will use Microsoft Teams to conduct the final business meeting of our last fiscal year. For the second year in a row, the pandemic has challenged us all to find new, safe, but still effective ways to meet and conduct business. SFA has had some wonderful success with MS Teams for meeting with all of our locations, managers, and administration. We are looking forward to seeing you all online.

If this will be the first time you have used MS Teams, and would like a chance to test the platform, please contact our Administrative Coordinator at (519) 828-3923 x.126 or email info@mysfa.org.

The AGM is essentially a public meeting. We have published the date and time using email, our website, and our Facebook page. For anyone wishing to attend the Virtual AGM, you will need to register through our online form.  Once we have received an external request to attend, then we will send a link to the meeting in a calendar invitation to that person directly.

Finally, as we are all likely aware, virtual meetings using technology can be a bit challenging. In order to conduct an effective meeting, we are asking all attendees to agree to the following conditions:

  • My on-screen profile name should be my FULL NAME, so that I can be identified for attendance and voting by the Meeting Secretary
  • I will keep my microphone muted, except when I am called to speak by the Meeting Chair
  • I will post any questions that I wish to have answered in the chat feature first
  • I will use the “raise my hand” button (in MS Teams) if I wish to speak
  • In the event of a vote, for which I am eligible, my vote will be assumed to be “YES” (or “In Favour”). If I am opposed, when called to vote, I will turn on my microphone and voice my opposition to the Meeting Chair.
  • To improve the quality of my connection to the meeting, I may choose to turn off my video
  • The virtual meeting may be recorded for record keeping purposes
  • I understand that SFA is not responsible for the strength of my internet connection, the device that I use to connect to the meeting, or my ability to use the technology. It is my responsibility to maintain my connection to the meeting.

Thank you everyone for the role you play in the success of St. Francis Advocates, where we are all “Dedicated to Making a Difference”!!

See you on the 8th of September!

Online Registration:  https://bit.ly/SFA-AGM-2021