People Supported

St. Francis Advocates strives to support people with an individualized approach. We recognize that every person has the same rights as all Canadians, as set forth in the Canadian Charter of Right's and Freedom's.

As an agency we try to provide a family home environment that they feel safe and comfortable. St. Francis Advocates believes people need to see their communities as their first resource. We encourage community participation and are continuously trying to provide new opportunities for people to get out into their community and be valued members. Whether that be a paid job, volunteering, recreation/leisure or as a consumer.

Advocacy is a big focus of the supports we provide. From advocating for day to day services like doctors and additional supports and services to advocating at a community level at the local Service Delivery Networks for the Developmental Service Sector. Participation at the community level allows us to help advocate for supports and services for the greater community and help support families.