Nothers Blue Heart Pandemic 2020 Pins

St. Francis Advocates would like to thank Nothers The Award Store for their gift of the Blue Heart Pins in recognition of our Front Line Workers who have so wonderfully stepped up in the face of the CoVID19 Pandemic and kept our people supported and staff safe from this terrible illness. Each of our personnel have a pin on the way to their locations. In doing this, Nothers has asked that we tell the story of our organization so that share the good news.

Here is that article:

The St. Francis Advocates Story

St. Francis Advocates started thirty-three years ago when our founders were struggling to find appropriate supports for their family members with Autism.  It all started with a single farm location just outside Petrolia, ON in the fall of 1987.  The organization has changed dramatically over the past thirty plus years, growing to support over fifty people in twelve locations and over one-hundred and sixty employees across three counties in Southwestern Ontario.

Our employees take pride in developing strong and lasting relationships with the people we support and have become like family over the years.  From shopping to community events, and doctor’s appointments to vacations, our employees are always committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we support, every single day.

COVID-19 threw a wrench into the lives of every one of us.  Social distancing, self-isolation, PPE, employment silo-ing, to name just a few of the changes.  The health and well-being of the people we support, and our employees, has always been our main priority.  With these new challenges, however difficult to navigate, our strong leadership, diligent employees and understanding families, have allowed us to weather the tide of the pandemic with no positive cases to date.   Without our incredible employee’s hard work and dedication, we would have not been as successful navigating through the unknown territory of the pandemic.

Adapting to change has been a great strength of St. Francis Advocates. The management team would like to thank, each one of our dedicated employees, for everything they do on a daily basis.

Nother’s Gifts and Recognition Blue Heart Pins of Support are a wonderful reminder to everyone, of the people who commit to protecting the well-being of others, regardless of the challenges.  Thank you, Front-line Workers! You are all truly dedicated to making a difference!


To everyone that has supported St. Francis Advocates during this incredible time, we thank you.  If you would like to continue to support what we do, in supporting adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, please go to our home page and click the Donate Now button.  You can donate monthly, or make a single donation for now.  All proceeds go to help us provide opportunities for those exceptional people we all care about most, our St. Francis Advocates Family!