2019 Golf Tournament Summary

Well everyone, another Golf Tournament is in the books!  For all intents and purposes it was a grand success once again.  You have all helped us raise over $12,000 this year, for a grand total of over $115,000 for all of our 13 Golf Tournaments, starting with our first event in 2007 at the Fox Glen Golf Course.  We would like to thank our hosts this year Oakwood Resort for their hospitality.  Despite troubles with Mother Nature in the weeks leading up to the tournament, the course was in pretty good shape.  This was only the third time this season that they had actually been able to allow the carts on the course.  Thank goodness too, as it would have been a long wet walk!!

Of course, we have to thank so many people for another great event.  It takes a team to make this type of event happen, and our volunteer team put in extra time to make it work as well as it did.  Thank you to Paulina, Andrea, Charlene, Liane, Stephanie, Karen, Tabetha, Patty, Susan, and many more that gave of their time in the planning stage and beyond.  To our volunteers that came out to help, you are most appreciated.  To all of the 89 golfers who braved the rough, that was swallowing up lawn mowers, your patience and perseverance is legendary!!  Thank you!!  This event would also not have been as successful as a fundraiser if it weren’t for our many sponsors, donors, and supporters.  Please take a moment to read Recognition2019 where we thank all of these incredible companies, organizations, and people for their contributions.

Please check us out on Facebook for our Photo Gallery from the event.

Once again, thank you to everyone involved in this amazing event!  Your support will help us to continue providing quality supports and community opportunities for the people we support.  Everyone has the right to have hopes and dreams, and your contributions bring us that much closer to making many of these come true for some very deserving people.  Cheers!!